Car Crash Insurance Info


Will my car insurance cover 100% of my medical care?

Yes, it absolutely will as long as your doctor documents your injury properly. Such documentation can be received from performing a thorough and specific history and exam and thereby reaching a diagnosis that matched the documentation. As long as the doctor can in fact show that all of the care is medically necessary and a result of your car crash, your insurance will cover 100% of your care.

Will my insurance rates go up after a car crash?

If you are not at fault in your car crash and see a doctor because you are hurting then your rates will definitely not go up for using your PIP benefits. If you were injured in a car crash and you were at fault and you go to see a doctor and use your PIP benefits then your rates won’t go up either.

In other words anytime you have been in a car crash and want to get treated for injuries such as; headaches, neck pain or stiffness, mid back pain, or low back pain or soreness and you use your PIP benefits then your insurance rates will not go up. The only reason that your rates may go up would be due to the fact that you were cited as being at fault in the car crash, but not because you elected to exercise your rights in using your PIP benefits.

Is your Car Out of Commission? Free car rental for 5 days.

After you have been in a car crash your car may be un-drivable or towed to a body shop to await repairs. This presents you with the problem of getting to work, grocery shopping, family obligations or doctor appointments. Adding to your already stressful situation, but there is some good news. One of the great services provided by carcrash is providing you with a rental car even if you think it may not be covered by your insurance policy. So, no need to worry! By Making an Appointment we will be your “transportation first responder” and will get you in a rental car today!

This is how it works. Most insurance companies don’t get your rental car approved for up to five days. During this time they will assess who is at fault and determine the coverage of the rental car and either authorize or deny the coverage. Instead of waiting for this process to happen we will get you into a rental car quickly.

If the insurance company authorizes a rental car then they are responsible for covering the entire period of time you have the car, including that first five days. If for any reason they deny you the use of a rental car, then we will take care of the first five days you had the rental car. This compensation will be provided to you when you use our services by allowing us to assess your need for treatment and review your case.