Auto Accident: Do I Need Chiropractic Treatment?

Why you need a Specialist

Following a motor vehicle accident, it is likely that your family physician or a doctor in the Emergency Room has done your initial evaluation. You probably received an x-ray, possibly a cat scan or an MRI scan, and you were released with some pain medications, muscle relaxants and possibly a neck brace with the instructions to go home and rest because you did not sustain any permanent injury. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Emergency Room doctors are highly trained and are the best in the world for their trauma care. However, according to their training and triage protocols, if you are not bleeding, have no broken bones or no life-threatening injuries, then you are “fine.” However, the fact remains that you still have injuries that need specialized care that will help alleviate your current pain, and more importantly, help prevent more serious problems in the future.

Medication is not enough!

After sustaining car crash injuries, it is perfectly okay to take over the counter or prescription medications to treat your symptoms of pain and muscle spasm. However, it is very important to also address your underlying traumatic soft tissue injuries. Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you that something is wrong and needs to be taken care of. If you temporarily cut off that communication by taking medication, then you are creating a false sense of security that everything is all right. Because you are numb to the pain, you might be tempted to participate in activities that could cause more damage to your already injured tissues. The fact is, pain medication is only masking your underlying injury and is doing nothing to fix the damage that’s actually causing your pain.

You deserve the best treatment!

If your only treatment plan is to take pain medications, it is like turning off your loud and annoying fire alarm while all around you your house is burning down. Your underlying problem of soft tissue injuries, if not treated properly, will persist and get worse with time.

It has been reported in the United States that 50% of all chronic neck pain has been attributed to a car crash in the past. Make sure you don’t become a statistic. Don’t settle for just taking pain medications to mask your symptoms.

You deserve the best treatment available and we can help you get it.

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