Whiplash Treatment in Orem and West Valley, Utah

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a serious spinal injury, that while many assume is commonplace in a car accident, can actually cause significant discomfort, pain and even potential damage later on if not treated correctly. To understand whiplash, you need to understand that the first thing that happens in a rear-end collision is that your head accelerates backward and then gets thrust forward almost 5 times faster than the rate of the impact. This means if you were at a complete stop and a car strikes you from behind at just 10 mph your head would get whipped forward (thus the term whiplash) at a speed of almost 50 mph. That equates to about 25 tons of force, or falling from a two-story building. Fortunately, your car absorbs some of that force, otherwise it would be deadly. During the impact, the high tension and shear forces can tear, rip, sprain, strain, or herniate more than 16 different ligaments, 20 or more muscles and tendons, 6 cervical discs, 16 nerve roots, and that is just in the neck!

What Happens in a Whiplash Injury?

As mentioned above, Whiplash Injuries are a lot more complex and serious than many people realize. Your body is an amazing and complex machine. It can react to an event (such as a rear end collision) in a fraction of a second. Just prior to a collision, your body attempts to prevent injury by tightening muscles and bracing itself for impact. Although this reaction is very fast (milliseconds), it is often not fast enough to protect you from injury because the collision happens faster than the body can react. In a motor vehicle accident, the most common injury is to the head and neck and is called a whiplash injury.

Why Should I Get Treatment for Whiplash? Treatment vs Medication

The first goal of treatment and medication for whiplash is obviously to get you out of pain. However, equally important is the long term health of your spine and making sure that you heal properly and stay out of pain in the long term. This is the purpose of whiplash treatment, to diagnose the injuries sustained by your neck and spine, to rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles in this area and to promote long term recovery and prevent future problems from occurring. 

Many people think that taking some pain meds and muscle relaxers is sufficient to treat a whiplash injury. These medications are often necessary and helpful, especially for reducing the immediate pain. However, these medications will not treat the long term cause of the pain which is the whiplash injury, and without a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment including many different treatments such as medication, chiropractic work, massage therapy and strengthening the muscles of the neck and spine you will not get the full recovery that you need.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Whiplash Treatment

Because your body is so beautifully complex, it requires an equally complex approach to treatment. A multidisciplinary treatment approach has been proven to maximize soft-tissue healing after a traumatic whiplash injury. At Spinal Rehab Specialists, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment for whiplash injuries. This means we use a variety of techniques including medication, chiropractic care, physical therapy and other strength exercise as well as massage therapy and other related treatments. We believe that this multidisciplinary approach to healing the spine is the best way to achieve a full recovery and minimize future problems from the injury.

 If you only take pain medication and muscle relaxants, then you are only temporarily addressing the symptoms of the injury. If you only get physical therapy, you may be stretching and strengthening muscles, but you are not correcting your spinal alignment. If you only get chiropractic care, you may be getting the spine realigned but you are not rehabilitating and strengthening your muscular components. Similarly, massage therapy can help you relax your injured muscles so you feel temporarily better, but in the long run you are not addressing the underlying bone and soft tissue damage. There simply is not one mode of treatment by itself that can address all the complexities of a whiplash injury. Therefore, by combining medical treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic alignment, and massage therapy you will absolutely have the best chance of long-term recovery. Independently, all of these treatments are effective, but collectively they are proven to be incredibly more powerful and effective.

Treatment for Whiplash at Spinal Rehab Specialists

At Spinal Rehab Specialists, we specialize in all injuries and rehabilitation related to the spine. Whether you have been in a serious accident or a minor one, we are focused on helping you get the best treatment possible to both minimize pain and promote long term health. Left untreated, whiplash can cause significant pain and can lead to increased problems later on. But with treatment at Spinal Rehab, you can get on the road to recovery and back to your normal life faster and better than ever. 

We believe that the primary goal of effective medical treatment following a motor vehicle accident is to promote long-term healing of the injured tissues and organs. To that end, we offer much more than just medication and chiropractic care. We provide a comprehensive examination of your neck and spine, and a thorough check to assess any damage that has occurred. Sometimes an x-ray is needed to determine the extent of injury and we provide those here at our office as well. We then offer chiropractic care, spinal decompression, massage therapy and much more all at the hands of our specially trained staff. We have offices in Orem and West Valley, Utah and are committed to serving patients all across the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys.


How much does whiplash treatment cost? 

Treatment for whiplash at Spinal Rehab is covered by most major health insurance providers or by the Personal Injury Protection in your or the at-fault person’s auto insurance, especially because you were injured in a vehicle accident. Call our office to learn about services and amounts your insurance will cover. One of our friendly office staff will be very happy to assist you. We also have options to just pay out of pocket as well.


How is Spinal Rehab different from just a chiropractor or physical therapist?

Here at Spinal Rehab Specialists all of our staff are trained and specialized specifically in injuries to the spine. Because of our unique focus, we have years of specialized experience in dealing with spinal injuries and helping patients make the best recovery possible. We also offer many different types of treatment that together form a multi-disciplinary approach that targets all areas of the spine including realignment, strengthening the muscles around the neck and spine, minimizing pain and promoting a long term recovery. Our specialized focus and multidisciplinary broad approach to spinal rehabilitation is what sets us apart as the spinal injury experts of Utah. 


How long does treatment and recovery take? 

Treatment and recovery depend on the severity of your injury and can range from 1 visit to several appointments to fully heal. To assess the severity of your injury and determine what will best help you, we offer a free consultation to all patients for their first visit. This free, no obligation consultation gives us an opportunity to diagnose your injury and helps you get information about the severity of your injury and what type and length of treatment will be best for you. Read on below to learn more or to schedule your free consultation today.

Free Professional Consultation

The severity of your whiplash injury can be variable. As a result, you may experience a variety of symptoms ranging from moderate muscle stiffness and soreness to extreme pain and restricted movement in the head and neck. Regardless of the severity of your symptoms, it is very important to contact one of our professionals to have your injuries evaluated. Our highly qualified doctors can help you get the optimal treatment to help relieve your current symptoms, and more importantly, to prevent future more serious problems related to long-term soft tissue damage.

Don’t get caught taking better care of your car than of yourself. After a car crash, it is common to focus more on getting your car fixed than attending to your physical injuries. The fact is, almost everyone will go through several cars in their lifetime. But you only get one body and you have to live in it for the rest of your life. Doesn’t it make sense to you that your body is more valuable than a car?

Take care of your future health. Make an appointment now to receive a free consultation by one of our highly trained of professionals.

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